Faithfully following authentic Tunisian, Greek and Italian traditional pastry recipes,
SOFRABRICK brings the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine to the mass market.

SOFRABRICK's Brick, Filo and Ravioli "Sunshine Pastry" is the finest and crispiest of them all.

Sweet or savoury, as an appetizer, a starter, an entree or a dessert, SOFRABICK "Sunshine Pastry" is great for entertaining, for experienced cooks or enthusiastic first-timers.

Consumers love SOFRABRICK Pastry. Eat it every day, or save it for a special treat.

It's no surprise that top chefs have been using it in their best recipes for years.


Forerunner for over 15 years in the industrial production of Pastry Brick, SOFRABRICK today reaffirms its expertise in ethnic dough with two new items : paper-thin Fillo Pastry and Ravioli Sheets.
Aware that consumers are always looking for new flavours, SOFRABRICK proposes an alternative to classic household dough with its range of ‘The Sunshine Pastry’ true mediums for Mediterranean Cooking

- A production capacity of over 20 millions units per year

- A production surface of 3600 square meters

- Market leadership of the ethnic pastries for more than 15 years

At SOFRABRICK our manufacturing expertise guarantees your peace of mind.

Taking our inspiration from traditional home cooking, we at SOFRABRICK have developed a special manufacturing process that has helped us remain market leader in pastries of the world for the last 15 years. At SOFRABRICK, mass production never means compromising on quality:

- our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure the quality and consistency of raw ingredients all year round;

- every stage of the manufacturing process is subject to daily quality control checks;

- health and hygiene regulations are strictly adhered to;

- before leaving the factory all orders, big and small, are subject to a final check;

- we have a failsafe tracking system so that every unit we produce can be traced and checked any time - at any stage of the process.

Here at SOFRABRICK we want to stay on top... wich is why we have on ongoing research and development program. We're keeping our eye on the future, seeking out tomorrow's successful products today.

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